Through the Victim Engagement Forum, your Police and Crime Commissioner works with Criminal Justice Partners to ensure that the voice of victims influences the scrutiny of service provision to victims.

We want to involve those who have been affected by crime and anti-social behaviour in meaningful and impactful engagement activities, whereby they have the opportunity to share their views on the services victims receive throughout the criminal justice system.

The overarching purpose of this Forum is for this important collaborative project to support the delivery of an outstanding service for victims.

Please view our Terms of Reference to find out more.

A Victim Database sits alongside the Victim Engagement Forum, and it is those individuals on our Database who are contacted about our engagement opportunities: Each individual has agreed to be informed of engagement opportunities aimed at improving victim services.

An engagement opportunity could involve completing a survey, providing feedback on specific processes, policies or documents, or taking part in a group discussion. There is no expectation on the individuals to take part in each and every opportunity: They choose as and when to get involved.


If you would like to be a part of this important project, please contact the Commissioner’s Engagement Team by ringing 01267 226440, sending an email to

Victim Engagement Forum Equality Impact Assessment

Victim Engagement Forum Equality Impact Assessment

Download Victim Engagement Forum Equality Impact Assessment